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Books are a mirror of ones soul which enrich the mind and soothe the heart. Annual book exhibition organized by the Library and Information Centre of Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous (IADC-A), Bangalore on August 28, 2018

Book Exhibition 2018

This year Book exhibition gives tribute to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, father of Library Sciences in India. More Than 10 publishers exhibited more than five thousand books as part of the event. Mrs. T. Bharathi, Secretary, Indian Academy Education Trust was inaugurated the event. “The main purpose of the event is to bring awareness among the students about the importance of reading. As now a days students are more into eBooks” said Kiran Nandi, Chief Librarian, IAGI.

“Students should keep themselves abreast of the importance of constantly changing times and their modifying influence on readers, especially children and youngsters” said Dr. Jerome Xavier Principal IADC-A

The prominent publishers like Himalaya Publishing House, Skyward Publishers, Prajwal Distributors were exhibited books on various topics.

The response was highly tremendous as many aspiring young readers including faculty were seen gorging on many critically acclaimed volumes.