Student Testimonials

The academic experience with a world-class infrastructure and excellent faculty at Indian Academy Degree College under Bangalore University has endured me with lifelong career excellence. My BCA course brought clarity of thought, knowledge, confidence, courage, and conviction to me and my goals as per the era of information and technological world. The exceptional program and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and professional interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. No words to describe faculty who taught me were all encouraging, supportive, and motivational contributing significantly to my successful career. I truly thank all faculty of IADC. Let me not miss a chance to thank the Management of IADC they were exceptionally professional in facilitating and managing for the success of IADC’s academic excellence. After my course completion when I am back in my country Bhutan, I appeared and got selected in Bhutan Civil Service Examination which is the topmost opportunity in Bhutan and got my placement in the Parliament of Bhutan and then in Bhutan National Legal Institute. During that period under the Royal command, I was given an opportunity to work for the Royal Institute of Law project to establish/built the first law college or only law college in Bhutan. It’s now known as Jigme SingyeWangchuck School of law. I completed my Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of North Carolina, USA. Currently, I am working as Sr. Librarian and Faculty teaching legal research and writing. Besides, I have completed two years of nationwide research on Legal Need Assessment. The root of my success started with IADC. Therefore, I would like to thank the entire team of IADC for your selfless support in making me successful.

Ugyen Thinley
BCA, 2009

“Indian Academy Autonomous” A place to explore all the possible qualities in you. Simply, Exploring Excellence. The place has helped me to become a more confident person and a better professional. I had opportunities to conduct various workshops, Seminars, host the annual shows, attend various intercollegiate competitions, Won several accolades which have helped me where I am today. I am honoured to be an alumnus of this prestigious institution.

Wasim Akram
BBM, 2012

IADC is been a very special institute to me, the institute has bought the hidden talent out in me, which has helped a lot in my career growth.Teaching and non teaching staff is always been a great pillar of support to me. With the great support of the institute we the alumnus of IADC has also formed a theater group called “KALA MARGA”. which has bough great recognition to each one of us in the group.

M.Com, 2019

The best thing about IADC was being part of a supportive environment, where everyone is focussed, help each other and you are encouraged to succeed as individuals. The support from staff within college and the many online resources available has really helped not only for academic work but also empowered us to grow in the competitive environment.

Alka Bajracharya
BBM, 2012

My BBA with IADC was one of the enjoyable experiences of my life.IADC gives a great opportunity to increase student’s knowledge beyond their field of studies through a competitive multicultural environment. The friendly temperament of the professors and their readiness to always offer assistance has made me feel like a family.Their words, teachings and incredible support augmented values in my life. IADC is a place of fun, learning, sports, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. My BBA at IADC brought knowledge, confidence,morale,clarity of thought, courage and integrity to me and my goals. Overall personality development was immense throughout the course with weekly multivariate events for the same. The 3 years spent here were remarkable and has definitely helped me to prosper better professionally and personally.
I left this college with lots of award, appreciation and four gold medals from Bangalore University for securing the first rank in BBA 2017 batch.

Aastha Shrivastava
BBA, 2014

It was an immense pleasure to be a part of IADC journey. The culture at our college have fostered the sharing of ideas, critical discussions, and collaboration among students and faculty across a wide range of interests. Students were encouraged to explore and experiment, which allowed each student to find his/her niche of interest. I felt empowered, motivated and encouraged to never limit myself to the level of success I can achieve. The BBA Department are designed to equip practicing managers to act as agents of change in effective decision making. IADC’s contributing towards the expansion of knowledge base in its field of endeavor-through research, through innovation in management theory, practice and new initiatives across the globe.
Thanks again for being a great contributor towards the development of my life’s personality.
Lastly yes it has made me to get ready for life.

BBA, 2015

Moving to Bangalore from Sri Lanka , was a challenge. Initially I had a hard time settling into my new life here because I had never lived away from home, and I was leaving my wonderful family and friends behind. Once I started my College life I developed a routine and started to enjoy my time here.

The faculty and students at the College are very friendly and were helpful in my transition. I’ve had the opportunity to associate helpful teaching staff throughout my college life and IADC enables me to develop my skills.

Ranadika Nayanajit
Bsc, 2005