Student Testimonials

My name is Kalaivani, I was a student of Indian Academy Evening college 2016-2019 batch. I chose BCOM evening college because in day time I could work for the livelihood. Indian Academy was the best I choose, the faculty members are very student friendly and approachable in nature who can understand the minds of the students. College timing is flexible. Seniors were more friendly there is no ragging in the college. Overall had a very good experience.

B.Com, 2016-2019

My years in Indian Academy Evening College are truly rewarding, it took me to a higher position, what I am today. I will remember the teachers who gave their best for our all-round development. Indeed grateful to the institution for giving opportunity to learn while earning in day time.

Chiran Oli
B.Com, 2016-19

My name is Jasmine Machado, I was student of Indian Academy evening college 2016-19 batch. I was pursuing CA along with graduation and joining here I was able to manage both. Faculty is good and co-operative, ready to help students with their studies. College timings are good for those who work during the day. To sum it all had a good experience studying.

Jasmine Machado
B.Com, 2016-19

I was working at day time along with my graduation at evening , i was able to manage both as with the help of faculty members,and Principal, cooperativeness towards the students who are ready to help the students at any time to their studies . College timings are too good to those who are working and wanted to study as well . In the years i had a very good Experience, in IAEC which brought me to the higher position . Indeed greatful to the institution for giving Opportunity to learn while earning in day time .

Touhid Baig s
B.Com, 2017- 2020

Master’s at IASMS has contributed greatly towards the development of my personality. During the course participating in inter and intra college events, industrial visits gave us practical industry exposure. I have inculcated leadership skills, time management and team skills being able to advance these skills to a whole new augmented level. Hands on experience through internship and projects are the pillars of learning and pronounced capability that is much needed in today’s business world which I gained at IASMS.

Ms. Harshitha
Financial Analyst, JPMorgan Chase

Teachers are beautiful creations of god; they are professional in enriching the thought process. Fortunately at IASMS I got a bunch of them. They understood my weedy areas and did guide me to work on them. They did put me into dares for presentations, group discussions and management games. These were rough and tough challenges initially but I started enjoying them over time. My friends had a great role in my development through their inspiration and support. With my cognitive thought process and interest reserves I picked Finance field. Before completion of my MBA program had a bunch of good job offers. One of them was from IHS Inc. where I started as Macro economic data analyst. I went on to work with KPMG and I am presently working as Manager for PwC.

Mr.Rabinarayan Behera
Manager, PwC

I always fall short of words to describe how awe-inspiring my time at IASMS was.

When I joined MBA, I hardly knew anyone and it was a completely new environment. But just after a few days of being in college; I felt it was “home away from home.” The ambiance was so homely and inspiring that it had given me an added impetus to learn and grow as an individual empowered to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Every individual played a vital role in my growth leading to where I am today. I take this opportunity to thank each individual at IASMS personally. From all my experiences I carried one of the biggest intangible assets of life which is “sweet memories”.

Thanks to all the faculties who encouraged me and helped me work on my loopholes. Without you people, I wouldn’t have grown up. It’s rightly said, “Teachers are an unending source of knowledge and inspiration”.

Abhishek Senapati
Manager, JPMorgan Chase