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The Departments of Applied Genetics and Biochemistry, Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous, in association with “Science Academies of India”, organized a two days workshop on “Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences” during 4th – 5th October, 2018

Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences 2018

This workshop was intended to instill knowledge on cognitive and behavioral sciences among Undergraduate & Postgraduates students and Faculty members. This Lecture Workshop is promoted and sponsored by:

— Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru
— Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi
— National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad

Eminent scientists from premier academic institutions such as National Center of Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, National Institute of Advanced Studies, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences working in the different areas of cognitive and behavioral sciences delivered lectures in the workshop. The lecture workshop provided and ideal forum for students, teachers and scholars to understand the fundamentals, latest developments, innovations in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences. It gave opportunity for the students and faculty to interact with top notch neurobiologists in India.