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From Directors Desk

“The process of education was set into motion to create the necessary climate for a proper ‘ripening’ of man. Necessity and curiosity, demands of environment and quest for the meaning of life, all contribute to it”.
Sri Aurobindo.

Dearest Students!

At Indian Academy Group of Institutions (IAGI) we empathise with your aspirations of becoming the best in whichever course you take up. To this end, we have set up the most advanced state of art learning spaces and laboratories that offer you complete theoretical and practical learning experience. The journey towards your greatness is handheld by our highly trained faculty members who are ripe in wisdom. Each session with the faculty results in manifesting your innate infinite potential. This will prepare you for life and will help you to add value to both people around you and the planet to which you belong.

The 360 degree transformation formula at IAGI buffers in ample time for sports and cultural events which not only offer you a platform to unwind but also will nurture your talent which has been passionately bestowed upon you by your Creator.

Welcome to Indian Academy Group of Institutions!

Any thoughts or questions are welcome at: coo@indianacademy.edu.in

Thanking you,
Dr. Srinidhi K Parthasarathi BE., PGDM., Ph.D., D.Litt