MSc – Biochemistry

MSc – Bio-Chemistry

It is a two-year postgraduate programme, offered in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, spread over four semesters.


Some of the major units taught in the course are: Chemistry and Metabolism of Bio-molecules, Fundamentals and Application of Experimental Techniques, Cellular Physiological processes and their regulation, Enzymes & Enzyme Kinetics, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Bioinformatics and System Biology etc. Practical-based laboratory sessions are part of the curriculum and teaching delivery, as shown in the course structure.

The genesis of this subject lies with chemistry. Curiosity about the chemistry of living cells and their components led to vigorous research in the 20th century, and the vast amount of knowledge generated has helped evolved a new discipline of science, which is known today as biochemistry. The subject therefore acts as a bridge between Chemistry and Biology. Subsequently, advanced knowledge in the field of Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics etc. has been integrated to it and developed in a better course formulation. As a result, the study of Biochemistry help build up in student’s fundamental learning and analyzing the mechanism of operation of various life processes from unicellular to higher eukaryotes. Solid fundamentals of the students enormously assist in their pursuit of both employment and future higher studies.


Candidates must have secured 40% in aggregate and must have studied chemistry or biochemistry as one of the cognate subjects and must have secured 50% marks at B.Sc. level (considering all optional subjects) and must have studied biology at PUC or 10 + 2 level.

Course Structure

I Semester
Sl. No Paper Code Title of Paper Hours
1 BCT 101 Biophysical & Bio-Organic Chemistry 52
2 BCT 102 Biomolecules 52
3 BCT 103 Analytical Biochemistry – I 52
4 BCT 104 General Physiology 52
7 BCSCT 105 Nutrition 39
5 BCP 106 General Biochemistry – I 108
6 BCP 107 General Biochemistry – II 108
II Semester
Sl. No Paper Code Title of Paper Hours
1 BCT 201 Enzymology 52
2 BCT 202 Analytical Biochemistry-II 52
3 BCT 203 Metabolism-I 52
4 BCT 204 Membrane Biochemistry 52
5 BCSCT 205 Microbiology 39
6 BCP 206 Immunochemical and Biochemical Techniques 108
7 BCP 206 Enzymology 108
III Semester
Sl. No Paper Code Title of Paper Hours
1 BCT 301 Molecular Biology – I 52
2 BCT 302 Molecular Physiology 52
3 BCT 303 Metabolism – II 52
4 OET 304 Open Elective 52
5 BCP 305 Clinical Biochemistry 108
6 BCP 306 Molecular Biology 108
IV Semester
Sl. No Paper Code Title of Paper Hours
1 BCT 401 Molecular Biology-II 52
2 BCT 402 Biochemical Genetics 52
3 BCT 403 Biotechnology 52
4 BCT 404 Immunology and Toxicology 52
5 BCP 405 Genetic Engineering & Protein Chemistry 108
6 BCPR 406 Project Work 108

Career Opportunities

Research and Development, and Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the following fields:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Biosimilar downstream
  • Food processing industries
  • Bioinformatics and chem.-informatics, OMICs
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Genetic counseling
  • Ph. D programmes