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INDIAN ACADEMY DEGREE COLLEGE – AUTONOMOUS, Department of English organized a day long visit for the B.A. students of final semester with an aim to imbibe in them the various nuances related to Art & Literature

The Various Nuances related to Art & Literature

Art and Literature 2018

The visit to the places like NGMA, Chitrakala Parishath and Rangoli Art gallery enhanced their analyzing skills. The students had a chance to view the Paintings and Sculptures by renowned artist Mr. DHANRAJ BAGHAT at NGMA. The creative minds stole the opportunity at Chitrakala Parishath and had interactions with the exhibitors of Contemporary art forms, abstract art forms and traditional art forms. Graffiti, Murals and Traditional Oil Paintings were the attractions at Rangoli Art Gallery.

These galleries were chosen with a particular view point. While the students are taught about the different time frames, different cultures, different ways of life – it merely provides them a theoretical view, hence incomplete. With the exposure provided by the visit, the students could concertize certain concepts which were mere abstracts in their minds. The open access to various artists and their works provided the students the concept of varied interpretation on similar themes.
Literature being a mirror of life is not limited to the theoretical aspects only but a practical exposure to all art and artists enriches a student’s outlook thereby contributes to their holistic development.