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Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous, Dept. of Business Administration organized Corporate Social Responsibility Activity on Consumer Rights on 11th and 12th January, 2019

CSR Activity on Consumer Awareness Campaign 2019

“Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.”

“A good company offers excellent products and services. A great company also offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.” – Philip Kotler

In general, being a part of corporate social activities can transform a person and is a step towards globalization. And, aren’t we all moving towards globalization? Yes, we are. A Happy Change!

Consumer Awareness is an act of making sure that the buyer or consumer is aware of the information about products, goods, services, and consumer’s rights. Consumer awareness is important so that buyer can take the right decision and make the right choice. The Department initiated a CSR activity named “Consumer Beware of Your Rights” in the college campus, nearby locality, retail outlets & banks, where students made effort to edify almost 250 customers about their rights & how to file a complaint in case they feel that their rights have been dishonored. It was a successful event.
Around 50 students along with faculty members and staff participated in this drive, and did an admirable job of educating customer on their rights. The customers were delighted to know their rights and were grateful to the students for enlightening them.