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Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous, Dept. of Business Administration organized Intra-Collegiate Management Fest Explorica – 2018 on 20th September, 2018

Explorica - 2018

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition; they somehow know what you truly want to become. – Steve Jobs

Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous has always been an known for its commitment, in education and research with a holistic approach for quality of life, environment, society and ethics.

Department of Business Administration had organized Intra-Collegiate Management fest Explorica – 2018 on 20th September, 2018 with an objective of offering enriching experiences and to facilitate students in exploring and exhibiting their capabilities in the areas pertaining to management and entrepreneurship. The event was programmed with four events such as Best Manager, Business Quiz, Product Launch and Pictionary.

Best Manager (Wikipedia): Explorica ‘2018 Best Manager event, Wikipedia is where it all gets real and tough. Survival through a nexus of most challenging rounds will only tell what mettle you behold. A two day event, a battle with some of the best brains across the country and a wrangling way up the ladder to victory is all it takes to dig out the Best Manager this year.

Business Quiz ( “Sky is the limit for success. Gather up the vast arena of knowledge and experience to be ready to answer the facts of B world.” Explorica Business Quiz Contest 2018 has been organized to give a platform to the students for analyzing their knowledge and to know their potential.

Product Launch ( Product launch event was conducted in three sessions to the students to stimulate their creativity and intellectuality, to develop technical presentation skills, collaboration, and team-building. This event gave the students an opportunity to launch unique product with an innovative advertising strategy in the market.

Pictionary (Pinterest): A guessing game in which players attempt to identify words from picture drawn by other player; the event was conducted to recognize the brands, products and personality, students had to deep dive their cognition to come up with the answers.

All the students participated with great amount of Zeal and enthusiasm which resulted in over whelming performance and participation in all the events.