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Indian Academy Degree College – Autonomous, Dept. of Microbiology organized DEPARTMENTAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Department of Microbiology “AKSHARA JNANA – Educate the UN-Educated” for Housekeeping Staff on 17th March 2018

AKSHARA JNANA-Educate the UNeducated 2018

Approximately one third of the housekeeping staff is illiterate in our Institutions. Department of Microbiology has taken initiative to educate all the housekeeping staff as a “Best Practice” for the department. Among the housekeeping staff 80% has no formal education and around 26 % do not know how to sign their own name in any language. The objective of our program is to at least provide basic education to them, so that they can sign the vouchers, read and write basic instruction in day today life. Students from the fourth semester M.Sc volunteered to educate these women in Kannada and English. The program is conducted successfully twice a month. In this regard, on 17th March, text book, note books and stationery items were arranged by the M.Sc students and distributed to housekeeping staff by Dr. Jerome Xavier, Principal.