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Indian Academy School of Management Studies celebrated Teachers Appreciation Day “Gururvandhana” on 17th September, 2018

Teachers Appreciation Day "Gururvandhana" 2018

“No beauty shines brighter than a good heart”

It was a great feeling to witness students expressing their gratitude and appreciation towards the teaching fraternity on the occasion of Teachers Day Celebration at Indian Academy School of Management Studies. A kind gesture by the final year MBA students to make sure their teachers had a truly enjoyable time. From fun games, dance, favorite songs dedicated to their teachers, to videos compiling old memories of their teachers, the students left no stone unturned to ensure that the Director Dr. S Rajasekar and the faculty team had a memorable and entertaining day. The teachers of IASMS take pride in the fact that our management students are not only groomed to become confident individuals, but also possess a good heart that acknowledges the contributions of their teachers. We strongly believe that these youngsters would make a positive difference in the outside world in the years to come. IASMS sincerely acknowledges the initiative and efforts taken by each and every student who coordinated and organized an entertainment packed teacher’s day program. Wishing all our students success in their future endeavors.