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Indian Academy School of Management Studies organized Inter-Class Competition RE-UNITE & PROVE URSELF (Face Painting, Vegetable Carving and Mehendi Design Competition) on 21st March 2019

While businesses primarily use advertising to deliver information on their products and services, advertising can also raise awareness on social issues. An inter class Ad Camping Competition on the theme SAY NO TO SMOKING was organized at IASMS. The coordinators of the event Nebil, Lakshmi and Reshma from final year MBA. The event was judged by Dr. Pujaarchana Sahu and Prof. Akshay.

Students used Hard-hitting anti-smoking images and well-worded anti smoking taglines to effectively raise awareness about the serious toll that tobacco use takes on one’s health and the many lives it affects.

The Inter class Vegetable Carving and Mehendi Competition was an opportunity for students of IASMS to develop their creativity and give free expression to their imagination. The students used different vegetables to create many artistic carvings. This was followed by the Mehendi competitions were students showcased their talent and adorned their hands with beautiful mehendi designs. Team spirit and individual inputs in the form of planning, designing, outlining, and presenting the final mehndi designs – made the day for the winning teams.

The events were judged by Dr. S. Rajasekar and Prof. Kuppuswamy. IASMS appreciates the efforts of the event coordinators Shanta Kumar and Sandeep, Jhansi and Sarita for hosting and conducting the events.