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The Nexus club of Department of Business Administration organized the IPL Auction Game on 18th February, 2019.

The IPL Auction 2019 (NEXUS CLUB)

The IPL Auction game is based on simple rules of cricket but lends itself with great management lessons that would be of much interest for the corporate world. The game involves huge money of influential corporate tycoons and needs to be managed well.

As a future Manager, it is important for the students to analyses the life-situation from managerial perspective. These managerial lessons from the IPL game will surely help them in better decision making and strategizing and not just a source of entertainment.

And there are many aspects that are happening in the IPL’s version of cricket that will be reflected in the business world in the days to come. Keeping this in mind The Nexus club of Department of Business Administration organized the IPL Auction Game on February, 18th 2019. The activity aimed at showcasing the team management, portfolio management and the decision making skills in students.

30 teams registered to participate in the competition and each team consisted of 4 students. All the registered teams had gone through the screening process which was the preliminary round. A written test was conducted which was comprised of current affairs on cricket. On the basis of marks in the preliminary round, top 8 teams were selected and underwent the process of bidding.

The selected teams were given 80 crores of virtual money and asked to select the team of 11 players. Any team which did not meet the criteria specified to them were eliminated. During the process, after every bid of 10 players, all 6 teams were given time for making further strategy.

Students were very active and highly enthusiastic. The competition was evaluated by the judges who were the In-house faculty members on the basis of cash leftover and their ability to justify the team composition.

Overall, the event was very well appreciated by the students, club coordinators.
and other staff members.