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Spectrum Off Stage events at IAPUC campus on 26 August 2019 set the tone for the On Stage events to be held the next day.

The enthusiastic participants displayed their talents in a variety of events such as Flower Arrangement, Rangoli, Best out of Waste, Face Painting, Cooking Without Fuel, Pot Painting, Pencil Sketching, Mehandi, Model Making, Collage, Freehand Rangoli, Bridal Makeup, Vegetable Carving and Bhavageethe. The Event Managers had a tough time handling increased number of participants while the Judges had to rack their brains to select the winners. There was no paucity of talents in any of the events conducted.

In Flower Arrangement competition, the participants looked like professionals with Orchids, Gerbera, Chrisanthanam, Red Roses, etc aroused the aroma and brought pleasantness in the hands of the participants.

Butterflies, birds, mud pots and geometric figures remained as the handi work of the girl participants in Rangoli. Best out of Waste brought out talents with some of the best utilitarian products.

Face Painting has seen some of the finest artistry with precision on the face under the themes Butterfly, Birds and Wild Animals.

Cooking Without Fuel has seen a wide variety of Chatts, Pot Poori, etc. makng them more delicious thereby leaving the judges on the fence.

The theme of Chandryan – 2 attracted participants in the Pencil Sketching event.

Model Making was proof enough that the participants are highly imbued with a scientific bent of mind. Vegetable Carving has seen participants at their height of creativity with potatoes turning out to be huts, bitter gourds turning out to be crocodiles, etc. Altogether the Off Stage events turned the day into a gala day lifting the spirits of the students high and leaving a message that creativity is the hallmark of the day.