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Stress Free Learning & Exam Techniques

Stress Free Learning & Exam Techniques

Indian Academy PU College organized a workshop on “Stress Free Learning and Exam Techniques” on Saturday, 11th January 2020 for high school students. 181 high school students from the neighboring schools and 76 IAPUC students attended the programme which lasted for two hours.

The workshop followed an exponential curve in terms of students getting familiar with the college environment beginning with an audio visual tour of the institute screened in the auditorium, as the students, parents and teachers sat for the sessions. The formal programme started at 2 p.m. with a slide show about Indian Academy Pre-University College –covering the patrons associated with it, the infrastructure details, the courses offered and the festivities celebrated by the college.

The first session was facilitated by Prof. J Rajeswari, Principal, Indian Academy PU College. She spoke on the aspects of preparing for the board exam – the diet to be followed, the breathing exercises (meditation), the importance of sticking to the time-table and of taking breaks. It saw many students taking notes of the points she emphasized upon during her session. She ended her session with an overview on the courses available and the scholarships available for admission to First PUC at IAPUC. She appealed to the students to take a wise decision after their SSLC result.

The second session was facilitated by Mr. Suresh Gowda, Advocate, High Court. He got connected with the audience almost immediately. His oratory skills saw students emotionally breaking down and releasing the pent up negative energy inside them. His words replaced that energy with positive thoughts. There was a paradigm shift in the way they perceived discipline, parents, teachers and their life. He made students and parents deeply connected with IAPUC and made them feel a part of the IAPUC family by speaking about the Principal and the idea behind the workshop. They later approached the Principal and thanked her for inviting them.

Mr. Suresh gave an appropriate closure by inviting a few students on the stage to speak. Even though some of them struggled with their words, the question asked by them to the Principal was clear, “Will you give admission to me for First PU?”

Refreshments were served at the end of the session.

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