Student Development Activities

Student Development Activities

Student Academic Clubs
The students of IADC undertake a multitude of curricular and extracurricular activities beyond their syllabus to enrich their knowledge base as well as skills. They form different clubs/forums to interact and harness their lateral talents and strengths through group discussions, student seminars, special lecture programs, etc.

Management Club
The Management club is a platform for management students to explore and develop the right form of skills through their participation in inter-collegiate management meets or fests organized by various management Institutes in the country. The awards and rewards students receive are testimony of how effectively the clubs are managed by the students.

Commerce Forum
The Commerce Forum is an association of students and teachers of the PG Department of Commerce. It is a wonderful learning initiative for students to showcase their talents. Its regular activities include Business Quiz, Mock Court, Student Seminars, Special Lecture Programs on personality development and other topics of contemporary importance, etc.

Commerce Club
The commerce club, popularly known as EXCHEQUER organizes regular events like corporate Dumb charades, Mock Stock Market trading, Business Quiz, Sell out, etc. By participating in these events the students of commerce are able to explore and showcase their talents and skills.

Computer Club
The Computer club provides a platform for the students of computer science to upgrade and update their knowledge and skills in computing and information technology. A multitude of co-curricular activities are conducted on a weekly basis to challenge the young technical minds.

Literature, Film & Theatre Club
The Literature, Film and Theatre Club is a forum to discover the competencies of students in the language, film and theatre. By conducting a variety of programs or events, this club creates several opportunities for students to showcase their talents and get motivated to take to such professions as their career choice.

Life Science Club
Students of IADC pursuing life science courses are the members of Life Science Club, known as BIOGALAXY. This club provides a platform for students to have updated knowledge of advances in the field of biology. The club conducts expert lectures, student seminars, exhibitions, etc to enrich the knowledge of the members of the club.

Physical Science Club
As a parallel to the Life Science Club, the Physical Science Club conducts different kinds of programs including exhibitions for the benefit of students pursuing physical science courses. The students are immensely benefited by participating in the activities of the club.

Language Laboratory
The IADC has also got a Language Laboratory equipped with computers that are loaded with licensed and latest software for English language. It mainly caters to the needs of students who desire to improve their language skills. This facility being maintained by IADC is of much help especially to the students of other countries as well as students who have come from rural backgrounds. After undergoing some sessions, a student can communicate in English language with clarity and confidence. The focus areas are: speech sounds, pronunciation, grammar, speech fluency, etc.

Commerce & Business Management Laboratory
A separate laboratory equipped with information & communication technology hardware & software is established for the benefit of students pursuing commerce and management courses. The students would get additional training in the areas of accounting and finance in the laboratory environment. Stock market simulation and Tally are the main software packages which support the students to have exposure to some facts in business.

Workshops and Short term Training Programs
Organizing workshops for a day or two in every subject is a regular feature in IADC. Both students and faculty participate in the workshops to upgrade their skill sets in the subject. Since external experts are usually involved in the workshops, the participants get exposed to external expertise as well as latest developments in the field. The confidence levels of faculty will also get enhanced when they have a close interaction with external experts. Besides, short term training programs in subjects like MS Excel, Stock market trading (National Stock Exchange Certified Capital Market Professional), etc are conducted as value-added programs to increase employability and skills in the students.

Industrial Tours/Exhibitions/Fairs
As an extension of classroom learning, industrial tours, exhibitions, fairs etc are organized on a regular basis. They throw open ample opportunities to the students to relate theory with practice. Students and faculty are also encouraged to participate in such programs organized by other institutions.

Health Care
IADC has tied-up with some health care units located around the campus to provide medical facilities to the students as well as faculty. The college has also established a medical room equipped with First Aid. The college also encourages specialty health care units (e.g. Vasan Eye Care) to organize medical camps on free of cost to the students and faculty. Every year, a thorough medical checkup is provided to all the students to ensure that they are physically fit to cope up with the stress and strain of their academic journey.

Students Centre
The Student Centre houses Electronics Club, Music Club, Photography Club, Health Club, Quick Bite, etc. It is also attached with a canteen and a stationery shop.

Fitness Centre
The Fitness centre, located in the IADC hostels for the students, is equipped with latest fitness equipment. It is open to all the students during and outside college hours. Students can make use of this facility and be healthy both physically and mentally.

Sports and Games
The Department of physical education offers training & coaching to students & employees in various games & sports. The department has both indoor & outdoor games and sports facilities to cater to varied needs of both students and employees. Apart from regular training and coaching, intra-collegiate & inter-collegiate competitions are conducted regularly and selected students are further coached and trained for inter-university and national level competitions.